Mining Hashing Power
An Exclusive webinar on how to earn up to 100% in mining in 2020 from founder of world-famous XIVE mining holding.
Tuesday, 4 August 2020
4:00 PM UTC
How to make money in mining:
If you know something about mining, are you sure that what you know is enough?
Future Miners and Entrepeneurs, you've heard those words, perhaps from yourself.
You want to start mining on good hardware, tomorrow, without sacrificing the quality, time and money. You need features and functionality.

Yet you can't even get a right equipment and professionals in this field by yourself, You feel suspicious of all information about mining, because fake news and myths have taken over the Internet...
Difficulties & risks, risks, risks...

Well... You're not so certain.
You want the right company, the first time, yet it's hard to know whom to trust and how to even work with them.

Join me on August 4th and I'll guide you through the process,
With ZERO capital risk. (Yes, zero risks, in the literal, not figurative sense).
What is the biggest secret you need to know about investments in 2020?
We will talk about Money, Mining and Myths in 2020. After the webinar, you will know 3 best-kept secrets of mining investments.

How to make $$$ in mining?
We will explain what is mining, PoW.(proof of work)
Check out how to make 5% in a month with zero effort with Didar Bekbauov's million dollar story.

How to buy the right hardware and what is the Klondike of mining?

Also, we prepared a $$$ bonus for ALL webinar participant
    Here are the key takeaways you'll gain by attending my webinar
      About speaker:
      ✅ Didar Bekbauov, Founder at Xive, the marketplace for sharing computing power among users for crypto mining.

      ✅ Has mastered the mining business model framework from complicated buying, transporting of mining equipment and running your own data center.

      ✅ Built 3 mining farms in Kazakhstan with the Xive team.

      ✅ Has expertise in the development of software and hardware for mining. Fluent in 4 languages (English, Kazakh, Russian, Turkish), so you can feel free to ask him not only about mining.

      ✅ Loves to read, play football, outdoor activities like skiing, rafting, paragliding, quad safari and so on.
      An interesting fact:
      he was a co-founder of the organic products distribution business in Kazakhstan, sold his share and jumped head into the mining business in 2018. He risked everything and it was worth it. For 2 years he has worked without a salary and all the earnings have been reinvested in the company.
      Bitcoin mining
      in Kazakhstan
      Bitcoin mining in Kazakhstan
      • Kazakhstan accounts for just 6.17% of the global hash power total and holds fourth place in the world. (Mining Map)
      • Mining Production in Kazakhstan has increased by 9.1% in April 2020. The maximum growth was 30% and the minimum was -15.9%.
      • Kazakhstan provides the ideal environment for mining ops because of low electricity costs, high-speed internet, good business climate and favorable regulations.
      I'll teach you how to make money in crypto doing nothing with zero-risk
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      I'll teach you how to make money in crypto doing nothing with zero-risk
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